Fire Commissioner Election

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Fire Commissioner Dave Broyles 


Carthage/Wilna Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners Election


December 8, 2015 6pm-9pm


Carthage Fire Dept 

685 S James St. Carthage, NY 13619


Registered voters in the Carthage Fire District - Please show your support for Fire Commissioner - Dave Broyles



Fire District Information

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Did You Know?

1. The anticipated approximate 8% increase for the 2016 budget is for the fire district only. That increase does not affect the County, Town or Village portions of your tax bill.  The Fire District is completely separate from the others mentioned.

2. The only means of income for the fire district is through property taxes and on rare occasions a small grant. Fundraisers are not permitted by law for the fire district.

3. Since the Fire District’s beginnings, tax increases have been kept to a minimum. A home assessed at $100,000 in:   2004 = $197 yr. tax paid; 2013 = $224 yr. tax paid; 2014 = $227 yr. tax paid;                     2015 = $227 yr. tax paid; 2016 = $245 yr. tax paid        

        Over twelve years there’s only been a total $48 increase on the annual tax of a home assessed                                  at $100,000.

4. The Fire District has maintained the budget at or under the 2% tax cap over the past four years. This has resulted in a depletion of unappropriated funds to the point where there is little left in the emergency fund. The Fire District has no other option at this time then to override the cap and increase the budget.

5. It is the responsibility of the Fire District to maintain all apparatus used by the Fire Department and to provide all necessary equipment for the fire department volunteers. The State often subjects the District to unfunded mandates. In November 2014 all fire departments, villages and Towns within the County were notified by the Jefferson County Board of Legislatures of an upcoming radio system that would be very costly and every department should start a plan to save towards it. The County will not be funding the purchase of the portable radios needed by the fire department, a system which may cost this District upwards of $76,000-$80,000.  To lessen the burden the District is saving over several years to cover the final cost of the radio system.

6. In September 2015 the District paid cash ($117,000) from Reserve money for a used 2001 aerial truck to replace the 1987 aerial that was in need of repairs costing upwards of $30,000. A new aerial truck would cost approximately a million dollars.

7. In 2001 there was a vote among village residents to keep the paid drivers of the Fire Department. It took two years to complete the formation of the Carthage/Wilna Fire District and take over the responsibility of the paid drivers. The Carthage/Wilna Fire District is not connected to the Village of Carthage or any of the Village's Officials, it is a complete entity on its own, directed by a Board of (5) Fire Commissioners that are elected by the residents of the fire district and operates under the laws of New York State Fire Commission.

8. There is a paid driver on call 24/7. In addition to driving the apparatus and responding to calls, the District’s paid drivers must maintain all the equipment, the vehicles, the fire station and the grounds. The Head Driver not only has the responsibility of supervising but must also work in the capacity of an office manager, purchasing agent, records keeper, health and safety officer, human resource coordinator, public relations clerk and answers directly to the Board of Fire Commissioners.

9. On the last Wednesday of every month there is a Board of Fire Commissioner’s meeting at the Carthage Fire Station, 685 S Washington St, Carthage at 4:30 PM which is an open public meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend.



2016 Fire District Budget Hearing Scheduled

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The 2016 Carthage/Wilna Fire District budget hearing is scheduled for Tuesday October 20th at 4:30 P.M. at the Carthage Fire Department, 685 S James St, Carthage, NY.  A copy of the proposed budget can be viewed by clicking on the link below as well as a statement from Fire Commissioner Chairman Jon Storms. The public is welcome to attend.




pdfPress Release Re. 2016 Budget

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Carthage-Wilna Fire District and the Carthage Fire Department to provide the highest quality of professional emergency services that are humanly possible. As first responders to fire calls, accidents and public safety issues we strive to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of our community.

The fire department holds regular and special training sessions for its members to ensure the safety of each firefighter as well as to provide superior service to the community.

Our Values

SERVICE: The Department will continue its unwavering call to protect and serve.
BRAVERY: Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through fortitude, instinct, compassion for others and training.
SAFETY: We strive to keep our citizens free from danger, especially deliberate, harmful acts. With the best equipment and training, the Department can reduce the risk to the public and its members at fires and other emergencies.
DEDICATION: A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of our code of conduct. The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly. We inspire each other through pride in our units, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the District and the Department, both past and present.